Job Description

Job Summary:
To pick up and deliver products as required and to operate equipment in a safe and professional like manner while meeting all DOT requirements.

Job Qualifications:
Class 'A' CDL, 2 years experience, Safe Driving Record, Pass all DOT Requirements, Ability to lift 75 pounds. Working Knowledge of DOT regulations and Basic Knowledge of Weight Distribution.


Essential Funcions and Expectations:
-Maintain a positive attitude and positive relationship with supervisors, co-workers, and customers
-Operate all equipment in a safe and legal manner
-Perform Pretrip and Posttrip on equipment based upon the North American Standard Inspection Procedures and as required by DOT regulations
-Maintain regular contact with dispatch
-Maintain appointment times and contact with dispatch if issues arise
-Notify Dispatch of any problems with load; overages, shortages or damages before leaving the dock
-If not attended to at delivery or pick up within 30 minutes of appointment time, notify dispatch
-Operate equipment to obtain maximum fuel economy
-Install load locks with all loads including empty pallets
-Make certain that loads will scale properly and meet bridge formula requirements
-Unload freight as required
-Accurately count freight as required. If not possible to count the freight, bills of lading must be signed "SHIPPER LOAD AND COUNT"
-Make certain freight will make the trip without damage
-Keep interior clean
-Fuel truck, fuel refrigeration unit and post trip your vehicle at the pumps. On multiple returns to the yard you are required to fuel and post trip each trailer
-Sweep out trailers after unloaded. In the event the trailer needs washed out, see shop personnel
-Maintain Trailer location board located in the driver's room
-Verify freight on trailer matches the Bills of Lading and trip sheet
-Report ALL personal injuries immediatly
-Cell phones must be turned on at all times
-Managment reserves the right to financially penalize the driver for lack of performance or other damage
-Follow all company policies
-Tampering with any equipment or adding any accessories is strictly prohibited without approval

Required Paperwork:
-Report ALL accidents immediatly to dispatch or if after hours, notify Nate via cell phone. Complete the proper forms. Accident forms must be completed accurately with no missing information. If accident involves another truck, obtain the DOT#. Take pictures with your accident kit camera. REMEBER THAT MOST ACCIDENTS ARE PREVENTABLE. ACCIDENT REPORTS MUST BE COMPLETES IN FULL FOR ANY AND ALL DAMAGE.

-Report ALL damage to equipment including trailers, EVEN IF NOT CAUSED BY YOU, during your walk around inspection and note damage on Trailer Vehicle Condition Report. Any damage that is caused by you and not reported will be concidered a violation of company policy and may be grounds for immediate dismissal.

-Prepare a DVCR (Driver Vehicle Condition Report) everyday for tractor and trailer and hand in daily. Report any truck and/or trailer maintenance issues to the shop IN WRITING on a DVCR

-Maintain log book up to date and current as required by DOT regulations. Turn in logs after each trip to the nearest 24 hour period. Attach toll receipts to logs when returned

-Complete trip reports properly and turn in upon completion of every trip

-Complete load recap sheets in full for all pick ups and deliveries

-Turn in receipts for pallet purchases immediately identifying the customer and PO number

-Turn in valid receipts for any/all lumper handling charges

-Insert all arrival/departure times as required on your trip sheet

-Turn in all Bills of Lading including Load Recap Sheet with your trip sheet after each trip (if these are handed in late and you miss the end of the pay period, you will only be paid for what is handed in at the end of the period)

-Turn in all DOT roadside Inspection sheets to the shop

-Request for vacation or days off in writing

Additional Responsibilities:

All other duties as required by management and/or DOT